Tuesday, October 16, 2007


MY TOP 5 IN THE BEST CREATION OF BLOG IS....................






this five deserving to be the best student of Ms Pinon in BSBA.

College Life

At first I was ashame because at the age of twenty I am still a freshmen. Not like my younger brother whose graduating student this coming semester. That's why I promise to myself that i will finish my study. I can say that I am so lucky to be given a second chance to continue my study again. I thought life in college is hard and difficult. Profesors that is strict and terror, imagine creating thesis, and be independent and work by your own. All of those thought's were wrong, I find it wonderful and adventurous what college life is. Just stay focus and serious in your studies you will achieve confidence and self-respect. Now i realize college life is really such a wonderful experience. I know that it is my first time in college. It is only the beggining of facing the struggles and problems that every college student experienced. I will acceptly face the challenges that were waiting for me in the coming stages of a college life.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who am I?

I'm Elfer Nino N De guzman. A Freshmen of PLMar taking up Business Administration majoring in Management. I live at Blk6 Lt2 Cadena De Amor street, Ampid Uno, San Mateo Rizal. I was born in Lopez, Quezon province. I'm turning 21 years old this christmas. I am lucky, I have a same birth date with Jesus Christ. I was put in my Tita's custody because of my stupid acts in my academic studies. Now going up straight to finish my college degree to support the financial problems of my family after. I got my name from the contracted names of my mother and father namely "Ellenita" and "Fernando". I have a five siblings and I'm the oldest. I love computer games mostly "Dota All Star's in Warcraft: Frozen Throne". I love doing kitchen chores especially cooking and going to the market to buy something to cook for the day.My motto is "If there's a will there's a way". I love to watch korean novels like "Jumong" etc. I choose this tittle "Monkey Business", aside from being a future businessman. My pet name is "Ape" (read as ah-pe)